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The PVC-u Repair & Maintenance sector is a rapidly expanding and highly lucrative industry. Installers, Window Doctors andMaintenance Engineers are beginning to take advantage of the benefits that Repair& Maintenance work has to offer.    

What are the benefits?

  •       Repair work is financially lucrative.
  •        Majority of jobs are easy to complete and can be finished within minutes.
  •        Frequent upsell and cross sell opportunities.
  •        Opportunity to gain repeat business through word of mouth.
  •        Replacement parts are quick and easy to source from Security Hardware with over 2,800line items available next working day.

What are the typical maintenance and repair jobs?

  •     Repairing or replacing PVC-u multipoint door locks.
  •     Repairing or replacing PVC-u espag or cockspur window handles.
  •     Replacing or upgrading PVC-u door handles.
  •     Replacing or upgrading PVC-u euro cylinder locks.
  •     Repairing or replacing PVC-u window friction hinges.
  •     Upgrading or retrofitting security products.
  • Feb 20, 2018
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