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Euro Cylinder Measuring & Identifying Guide

Types of Euro Cylinder Locks

At Security Hardware, we offer a wide range of euro cylinder door locks in various sizes and types to suit any requirements. All of our cylinder locks are British Standard (BS EN 1303) accredited. The most important thing when identifying your cylinder lock is to be aware of the different types. The most popular types include:

  • Euro Profile Cylinders: commonly referred to as full or double euro locks, are a particular profile of locking cylinder commonly used in conjunction with an appropriate euro profile mortice lock or multipoint door lock. Euro profile cylinders or double cylinders are most commonly used on uPVC and composite doors. They differ from other euro cylinders as they have a key cylinder at both sides of the door.
  • Oval Cylinder: An oval cylinder is distinguished by its oval shape and is used in conjunction with an oval mortice lock case.
  • Rim Cylinders: are replacement cylinders used on night latches.
  • Half Euro Cylinder: (or single cylinder) the half-cylinder lock is where the lock is only operated from one side.
  • Thumb Turn Cylinders: Thumb turn cylinders allow you to lock your door internally without using a key. On thumb-turn cylinders, the thumb side is always on the internal.
How to Measure a Euro Cylinder Lock

To measure a euro cylinder correctly, you need to take two measurements. Here are the two core measurements you will need to choose the correct euro cylinder for your door:

  1. The internal size - Measured from the internal side to your door facing inwards to your home to the centre of the back rotating clip (cam).
  2. The external size - Measured from the external side of your door facing outwards to your property to the centre of the back rotating clip (cam).
  3. The overall size – To double check your measurements are correct, we recommend you measure from the internal to the external size for the overall size. For example, A and B in our diagram should total 95 mm.

Top tip: Do not measure to the end of the black cam ring. Euro cylinders can be reversible. For example, 55/40 is 40/55, but not in all cases.

Once you have these measurements, why not have a look at our website? You can filter our selection by internal or external sizes available to match your requirements.

If you would like any further assistance with measuring or identifying your euro cylinder lock, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. For more advice, take a look at our other help guides, or browse our full range of door locks on our website.